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We have a fantasy that is more like a belief, nature and animals flourishing wild and free among people, and people being more beneficial and more joyful as a result of it.

RESTORING and PROTECTING wildlife and habitats, national parks and local communities is what we strive for everyday. Working together matters. Here’s why. More people than ever are working round the world to guard wildlife and wilderness areas. Unfortunately the speed of environmental destruction is far greater and accelerated because the barriers hindering unified leadership and coordinated action are many and the defenders of wildlife are few.  We are creating a world where nature is safe because we bring together governments and grassroots organizations to coordinate around large-scale solutions like "save the Rhino". We need to be unified in respect of natural resources. Wild and Free Foundations work is dynamic, effecting dozens of communities currently in Mozambique. Discover what’s new in our world, and the way your support is shifting the balance in favor of conservation efforts and local communities.

We are honored to be a part of this exceptional effort…that defines opportunities to realize biodiversity conservation through protected wildlife and habitats. Three key elements allowed us to urge to the present point…including our fundamental donations, dream of nature thriving wild and free and daily dedication and belief of the local communities voices as the main key to conservation. Once you support the Wild and Free Foundation, you help forge cutting-edge partnerships that redefine what's possible in conservation. With proven solutions operating in Southern Africa, we offer training and expertise to enhance conservation outcomes and protect nature for the advantage of people and wildlife. Donate now